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Food quality monitoring
Electronic nose for beef quality monitoring
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Food safety is an important concern in today's world. Providing a rapid, low-cost system for meat quality assessment and monitoring would not only be a huge benefit for public health and safety, but also for the environment by reducing wastage.

We developed an "electronic nose" composed of multiple metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) gas sensors to predict if the meat in excellent, good, acceptable or spoiled condition. The meat standard from the Agricultural and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand was used in this experiment.

The beef was placed into a transparent acrylic casing with minimum airflow, similar to what you will find in any fridge. The sensor array was placed on top of the chamber.

We can see that we have an excellent accuracy, predicting in each case the quality of the meat, and using almost no RAM.

It shows this solution could be deployed cheaply in any appliance for a safer home or industry.

Results from deployment:
RAM used