Features & Specifications

The neurulus power is an aqueous all carbon based device and is the world's first completely biodegradable battery. It is powered by an all green chemistry which make each of its components completely recyclable

Powered by super safe green chemistry

Upto 2x more cycles than a typical lithium battery

Zero supply chain dependencies. Made in India

Manufacture with ease

Environmentally friendly & uses a green process

1/4th the cost of lithium ion

Technical Specs

Gravimetric energy density ~ 140 Wh/Kg
Capacity 150mah/g
Electrolyte Non flammable & green electrolyte
Cost/ 10 kWh ~ $600
Electrode material All carbon device
Recyclable Yes
Biodegradable Yes

Neurulus power module is now available on a promotional offer to select customers. The price may vary based on the location to which the product is shipped. For further details please write to contactus (at) neurulus.com

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Introducing the Neurulus Power Module

Green, Clean & Long Lasting Energy

Megawatt level solar storage

EVs/ Hybrids

Private powergrid for homes and buildings

The Neurulus power module is a non-lithium battery which is 1/4th of the cost of a lithium ion battery and less than half the cost of a lead acid battery in terms of gravimetric energy density. Unlike the lithium ion battery, every single component of the Neurulus non-lithium battery is biodegradable and completely recyclable. They are manufactured using earth abundant natural resources and do not have supply constraints like lithium ion batteries. But, most of all, the Neurulus non-lithium battery uses a safe electrolyte and hence there is no chance of an explosion and fire. So, they can be safely used to build megawatt scale grid storage batteries.

Neurulus Labs is recognized as a startup (DPIIT34616) by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India.